GSSF Match of the Year

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation names Fort Harmar's Buckeye State Ballistic Challenge "Match of the Year".
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Glock-Style Match

Match Director: Mike Kampmeier

Range: Outdoor Pistol

Three fun, easy to follow stages that novice competitors will enjoy and yet even the most proficient competitor will be challenged. This match is a “practice match” for our GSSF Buckeye Ballistic . It gives us an opportunity for new volunteers to get a match under their belt, and to test the stage layout and target positions.

Possible stage designs can be found here:

Refer to GSSF Rule Book - these are the rules that we use for the match excluding registration, firearms permitted, and magazine capacity.

Cost is $10 per entry, and there are no membership restrictions.

Volunteers: This match requires a minimum of 10 volunteers:
Office/Registration – Accept money for registration sheets, sell club merchandise, input scores into a spreadsheet.
Lead Range Safety Officer – Responsible for operating timer, calling scores, and the general safety of the stage. LRSO must have an understanding of the rules and feel comfortable upholding them. Prior match experience necessary.
Range Safety Officer / Score Keeper – Responsible for recording time, score, and procedurals for each competitor, and general safety of the stage. Some match experience necessary.
Range Safety Officer / Paster – Responsible for pasting targets, resetting steel, and general safety of the stage. No experience necessary.
To volunteer please contact:
Match Director Daryl Jones
Call/text: (740)629.1413

Equipment and Guns Needed

Any safe serviceable handgun or handgun caliber carbine is permitted and will be divided into appropriate divisions. Match director reserves the right to restrict firearms upon inspection on day of the match and a registration fee will be returned.
Approximately 100 rounds of ammunition and 3-4 magazines is preferred.
A strong side hip holster or a bag to safely store the firearm from one stage to another.
The GLOCK Style match is a cold range match (no live ammunition may be loaded into a firearm unless instructed to by a Range Safety Officer as part of the course of fire on the stage.)

GSSF Match Dates

June 4, 2017