GSSF Match of the Year

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation names Fort Harmar's Buckeye State Ballistic Challenge "Match of the Year".
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April, 2013 Newsletter

We would like to begin this month's newsletter with a few special words from Beverly Stacy...

The words thank you hardly seem enough but they are coming from my heart, a heart uplifted by your kindness.
How surprised I was when I was told the Fort Harmar Rifle Club honored me with a lifetime membership. I am humbled to receive this honor and I do not feel I have done more than many other members in this club.
My mother always taught me to just say THANK YOU, hold my head high, and continue to live my life for the betterment of the world I live in.
Safe shooting and I will see you on the range.
Beverly Stacy

Good Luck Michael!
We would like to also wish Michael Steinel Good Luck on his adventure to the Jr. Olympics in Colorado. They will be leaving Tuesday. We know he will make us all proud.

T-shirts and Hats
We now have Fort Harmar Rifle Club t-shirts and hats for sale. You can purchase these items at the registration building during events. We also are arranging to have a Gun Raffle at all IDPA matches. Look for them in the registration building during events or ask your match director.

IDPA Instructional March 17
The IDPA Instructional match we held last month was very successful. 42 shooters came out to participate with the majority of them brand new to the sport. In spite of the cool weather, everyone had a good time while learning about IDPA. We hope to repeat this clinic again next year and bring even more shooters into IDPA.

IDPA March 24, 2013
We held our first IDPA match this year and it was above expectations given the weather that day. The rain held off and it didn't start snowing until late in the afternoon. 5 stages with a classifier were provided for the shooters. More than 70 shooters made this a very successful match. The Classifier had a larger than expected demand. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and had to turn away a few shooters. The next classifier is scheduled for the June match. We hope to accommodate everyone then.

Congratulations to the following top 3 per division and class
CDP-MA - Jim Krotkiewicz / CDP-MM - Roger Droddy / CDP_SS - Jason Lumbadis
CDP-UN - Robert Schade, Stephen Bell and George Harris
SSP-MA - Roger Tate, Bill Nesbit and Mark Kerenyi
SSP-EX - Bob Moore, Tom Breen and Sean Parks
SSP-SS - Bob Holter and Harley Noftsger
SSP-MM - Chuck Rodenfels and Jeremy Tuston
SSP-UN - Earnie Hoschar, Tim Bradley and Hank Stewart
ESP-MA - Jay Cochran / ESP-EX - Steve Kastinger
ESP-SS - John Markwell, Bill King and Leroy Cochren
ESP-UN - John Langford, Phil Shiflett and Paul Stacy
SSR-EX - Steve Rodenfels / SSR-MM - Charley Frazier
SSR-UN - Tim Conner / ESR-UN - Dean Zinn

Still to come for April 22 Silhouette - April 14
IDPA Match - April 28

Upcoming events for May Club Meeting - May 1
Cowboy Shoot - May 5
22 Silhouette - May 12
Ladies Only Defensive Pistol - May 25
IDPA - May 26
Historical Military - May 26

For The Ladies

Ladies only Defensive Pistol will hold 3 matches for 2013
please contact Bev Stacey for details at 740-373-8190
May 26 and June 22, Registration begins at 9:30 - 1:00
August 24, Registration begins at 10.00 - 2:00
For The Couples
There will be a couples IDPA held on Saturday June 1
please contact John and Sharon Langford for detail at 740-373-4574
Fort Harmar and Glock Buckeye State Ballistic Challenge
Will be held July 26, July 27, and July 28
please contact Daryl Jones for details at 740-629-1413

2013 NRA Woman On Target Instructional Shooting Clinic
During this event you will be taught safe gun handling rules, range safety rules and how to understand the importance of gun safety and responsibility. There will be rifle clinics, pistol clinics and shotgun clinics. Anyone who pre registers before September 14, 2013 will receive a FREE t-shirt. Everyone will receive a goodie bag and lunch is provided. There will be raffles and other items available for purchase during this event. If you have any question regarding this clinic please contact:
Director - Melissa Saltzwedel at 740-473-9110

Fort Harmar Family Fun Day
We are working on putting together our very first Fort Harmar Family Fun Day. All members and their family's will be invited to attend. This event will be held on Saturday October 19, 2013. We will be pre selling t-shirts for this event to help pay for the cost of meats and paper products. Everyone will be asked to bring a covered dish. Some events in discussion are: hay ride, A youth shooting clinic, shooting clinics for IDPA, 22 Silhouette, Cow Boy, 3 gun and 22 bulls eye.
We will be having gun raffles and other merchandise to purchase. If anyone has any ideas and would like to share please email them to us at

For a complete listing of Match Schedules and Match results please visit

If you have Fort Harmar News or Events that you would like included in the next newsletter please email us the information and it will be added upon the approval of our Executive Director Russ Tuten and the Executive Committee.