GSSF Match of the Year

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation names Fort Harmar's Buckeye State Ballistic Challenge "Match of the Year".
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June, 2013 Newsletter

How many of you have ever tried the 22 Silhouette?
I mean we are talking about shooting 22's right? I always thought I was pretty good with a 22. I really talked a big game my first time out to shoot the match. Then I tried it!
NOT as easy as you would think, but twice the fun! If you like plinking with a .22, then this game is for you. Come on out and give it a try. You won't be disappointed!
All you need to compete is a .22LR pistol or rifle with or without a scope and 40 rounds of ammo. Match is shot from the standing position at 4 rows of ten targets each row. You only get one shot at each target and you have to knock it over to count. The rows are at 50, 60, 77 and 100 meters. The chicken silhouettes are at 50, the pigs at 60, the turkeys at 77 and the rams at 100. It is great fun and is a fantastic way to tune up for squirrel season - Lisa F.

Ladies listen up!!
Have you ever wondered what it is about IDPA that your husband loves?
Come shoot the Ladies Defensive Pistol Match and you will see.
It is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Registering the IDPA shooters was all I have ever done. I didn't want to get out there with the guys and try it out to see if I liked it or not. The Ladies Defensive Pistol is the same scenario except it's for the ladies only. It was really fun to get out there and shoot with the ladies and there was no pressure at all. All the stages were simple and the Safety Officers were very, very helpful. I brought my own ammo boy with me and he kept my mags topped off while I shot.
If you have not tried this yet, the next one is scheduled for June 22, 2013.
I say try it at least once. I did and I am sure I will do it again - Lisa F.

Up Coming Events
June 22 – Ladies Defensive Pistol
June 23 – IDPA
June 23 – 3 Gun Woods Walk
July 3 – Club Meeting – all members welcome
July 7 – Glock Style Match
July 14 – 22 Silhouette
July 14 – Cowboy Match
July 21 IDPA
July 26, 27 and 28 - Fort Harmer and Glock Buckeye State Ballistic Challenge

Congratulations to the top 3 shooters per division in the IDPA match
Pete Lanfried – 86.03
Roger Droddy – 105.56

Jason Lumbatis – 99.55

Tom Douglas – 16.23
Mike Langsdorf – 116.78
George Harris – 118.07

Jason Parks – 68.89
Bill Nesbit – 72.01
Rob Haught – 73.56

Bob Moore – 77.33
Daryl Jones – 89.22
Tom Breen – 89.31

Harley Noftsger – 121.69
Paul Hall – 147.09

Sam Hensel – 118.86
Russ Tuton – 130.02
Ben Kolb – 130.32

Curt Howel – 80.18
Tim Bradley – 94.47
Jeff Barton Jr – 97.92

Jay Cochran – 74.57

Trevor Landried – 99.66

Leroy Cochran – 112.94

John Markwell – 98.68

Don Fought – 105.34
Erin Higgins – 106.15
Louis Kope – 156.70

Paul Stacy – 189.96

Congratulations to the top 3 shooters in the Ladies Defensive Pistol
Nichole Hutchins
Beverly Stacy
Lisa Fought Congratulations to the top 3 teams for the Couples Shoot Bill and Susan Nesbitt John and Sharon Lankford Kim Winans and Don Alfred Volunteers We would like to remind everyone that is in the Fort Harmar Rifle Club membership by laws that every member needs to volunteer at least 1 day per year. Our club can not run without the help of volunteers! Please do your part and volunteer! All matches and events are posted on the Fort Harmar website. A BIG THANK YOU TO THE May IDPA Volunteers Bill Carroll Don Fought Lisa Fought Richard Kuhn Wes Thomas Bill Nesbitt Jim Black Tom Douglas Jason Lumbatis Luis Kopf John Brown Ken Robart Kaf Robart Roger Lemley Nate Fought Dave Schram Eddy Cannon Chrissy Lauer Daryl Jones James Black Judy Douglas Lana Tuton Thomas Whitehouse Ken Stewart Xavier Arbelo Greg Bogard Jim Allender Lee Brown Seth Bailey Tim Blouir D'Nice Black Also a big Thank You to the match directors and volunteers for the historical military gun, ladies only and cowboy matches. T-shirts and Hats We now have Fort Harmer Rifle Club t-shirts and hats for sale. You can purchase these items at the registration building during events. We also are arranging to have a Gun Raffle at all IDPA matches. Look for them in the registration building during events or ask your match director. Fort Harmer and Glock Buckeye State Ballistic Challenge Will be held July 26, July 27, and July 28 please contact Daryl Jones for details at 740-629-1413 2013 NRA Woman On Target Instructional Shooting Clinic During this event you will be taught safe gun handling rules, range safety rules and how to understand the importance of gun safety and responsibility. There will be rifle clinics, pistol clinics and shotgun clinics. Anyone who pre registers before September 14, 2013 will receive a FREE t-shirt. Everyone will receive a goodie bag and lunch is provided. There will be raffles and other items available for purchase during this event. Registration forms are now available on the website. If you have any question regarding this clinic please contact: Director – Melissa Saltzwedel at 740-473-9110 Fort Harmer Family Fun Day We are working on putting together our very first Fort Harmer Family Fun Day. All members and their family's will be invited to attend. This event will be held on Saturday October 19, 2013 We will be pre-selling t-shirts for this event to help pay for the cost of meats and paper products. Everyone will be asked to bring a covered dish. Some events in discussion are: hay ride, A youth shooting clinic, shooting clinics for IDPA, 22 Silhouette, Cow Boy, 3 gun and 22 bulls eye We will be having gun raffles and other merchandise to purchase. If anyone has any ideas and would like to share please email them to us at For a complete listing of Match Schedules and Match results please visit PLEASE VOLUNTEER If you have Fort Harmer News or Events that you would like included in the next newsletter please email us the information and it will be added upon the approval of our Executive Director Russ Tuten and the Executive Committee.