GSSF Match of the Year

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation names Fort Harmar's Buckeye State Ballistic Challenge "Match of the Year".
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Executive Committee, Officers, Directors

Executive Committee
Russ Tuten, Executive Director 740-984-2842
Jim Stewart, Ex Committee 740-984-4597
Jason Osborne, Ex Committee 740-336-6251
Lana Tuten, Ex Committee 740-984-2842
Ernie Hoschar, Ex Committee 740-350-3270
Mark Kerenyi, Ex Committee 740-376-0338
John Lankford, Ex Committee 740-373-4574
Michael Kampmeier, Ex Committee 740-236-2030
Paul Stacy, Ex Committee 740-373-8190
Don Fought, Ex Committee 740-423-6026
Other Offices and Functions
Vicki McKnight, Treasurer 740-568-0203
Carl Heinrich, Sales 740-373-5302
Russ Tuten, Webmaster 740-984-2842
Bev Stacy, Range Scheduling 740-373-8190
Range Committees
Keith Morris, Indoor Range 740-336-4526
John Langford, Outdoor Range 740-373-4574
Paul Stacy, Outdoor Range 740-373-8190
Jason Osborne, Outdoor Range 740-336-6251
Match Directors
Don Fought, IDPA 740-423-6026
Russ Tuten, Combat Pistol 740-984-2842
Daryl Jones, Glock / GSSF 740-629-1413
Sean Parks, Kevin Parks Youth Day 740-374-3544
Steve Sprout, .22 Bullseye 304-494-1551
Russ Tuten, .22 Silhouette 740-984-2842
Ernie Holschar, Historical Military Match 740-350-3270
John Langford, Historical Military Match 740-373-4574
Mark Kerenyi, Tactical Rifle 740-376-0338
Deidre Michael, Women On Target Handgun 740-885-1120
Lana Tuten, Women On Target Rifle/Shotgun 740-984-2842
Jim Heikkinen, Antique Infantry Rifle 740-376-0801

Quick Contacts

If you have questions about membership, please email us at If you would like to complete an application for membership, please visit this web page.

Range Rentals
If you would like to see when a range is available, please go to our indoor range calendar or our outdoor range calendar. To reserve the range, please send an email to at least two weeks in advance. Ranges can only be rented by members of our club.

Webpage Issues
If you would like to have content added, removed or changed on our webpage, please send an email to

General Correspondence
Our email address for general correspondence is If you would prefer to send us something through USPS, our address is:
Fort Harmar Rifle Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 475
Marietta, OH 45750

Club Telephones
Although both the indoor and the outdoor ranges have telephones, they are primarily in place for emergency calls and are not staffed. If you do reach someone, likely either you're calling during a match, a meeting, or a member just happened to walk by the phone.
Indoor range: 740-373-7684
Outdoor range: 740-473-1100