GSSF Match of the Year

Glock Sport Shooting Foundation names Fort Harmar's Buckeye State Ballistic Challenge "Match of the Year".
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International Defensive Pistol Association

Match Directors:Russ Tuten and Don Fought

Range: Outdoor Pistol
IDPA was formed in 1996 to address the desires of shooters around the world for a sport that more closely resembled defensive situations and real life scenarios. Using firearms and equipment closer to what each of us might carry day to day, IDPA strives to take the gamesmanship out of the sport and place the shooters success on their abilities and not their equipment.

Each IDPA scenario or stage is based on a possible defensive situation or real life encounter. Each match, the shooter might encounter situations such as a restaurant scenario forcing the shooter to engage targets from the sitting position or a vehicle scenario requiring the shooter to exit the vehicle or shoot through the windows to engage the targets.

IDPA has 5 divisions and 5 classifications so that each shooter competes with only those of equal skill using the same or similar firearm. This way a novice shooter with a .45 doesn't have to compete head to head with a master shooter with a 9mm.

Equipment and Guns Needed

Use of a cover garment to conceal the firearm is generally required and the list of allowed equipment is short.

All a shooter needs to compete in this exciting sport is a 9mm or larger automatic or a .38 or larger revolver. Also required is at least three mags or speed loaders, a holster that completely covers the trigger guard and holds the firearm within ¾ inch of the body, a mag pouch for 2 spare mags or 3 speed loaders, ear and eye protection and a concealment garment such as a jacket or a vest. Generally, 100 rounds of ammo is all that is needed for a match but it is a good idea to have more on hand to cover misses or re-shoots. Cost for one entry is $10.00.

New shooters are welcome at any FHRC IDPA event. Please let a match director or the registration person know that you are new and we will assign a mentor to walk you through the event and explain the rules and requirements of the sport. FHRC also hosts an IDPA instructional match every March for everyone that is new to the sport where the rules and equipment requirements are explained and you will be given a chance to shoot through 3 stages similar to ones you will find at an IDPA match. For more information about this sport please visit the IDPA website at

Pistol Match Dates

March 26, 2017 (Instructional)

April 23, 2017

May 28, 2017

June 25, 2017

August 27, 2017

September 24, 2017

October 29, 2017 (FOP - Cops For Kids Benefit)